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In the late 1960's William & Michael Kiely began to create pre-cast concrete septic tanks. They soon became the greatest manufacturer of septic tanks in the Munster region and consequently established W & M Kiely Ltd. Over the years the company has grown and we have now manufacture a variety of products including Septic Tanks, BioKast Sewage Treatment Systems, Grease Traps, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Pump Chambers, Drinking water Storage Tanks, Effluent Tanks, Cattle Slats, Pig Slats, Sheep Slats, Beams, Pre-cast Cubicle Mattresses & Pre-cast Walls. All our precast septic tanks are designed to be 100% watertight. Our processing processes follow detailed & extensive quality control techniques. Inlet and shop pipe connections are gasketed. In case the above-ground tank works in conjunction with a leaching field, the sewage is typically transported in to the tank via a pump (rather than gravity.) This can cause the solids in the sewage to be chopped into smaller portions, and to get away the tank along with the effluent.concrete septic tank lids for sale
Installation is simple and simple. Shea concrete has a team of installers who have installed a huge selection of tanks. We know how to properly prep the website and can overcome almost any installation obstacle. We've trucks prepared with hoists and when required we can even crane a reservoir over a residence! NPCA's Plant Certification Program guarantees a uniformly high degree of excellence in place facilities, production, processes and quality control functions.
This abstract is a brief summation of the referenced standard. It is informational only rather than an official part of the standard; the entire text of the typical itself must be described for its use Quality Control - Precast cement is produced in a controlled environment that increases quality and uniformity. Drop containers and distribution bins are used together with septic tanks and pipes to better distribute effluence over a drainage field. Both kinds are buried underground and are rarely maintained after installation. Concrete drop bins and distribution bins are more durable than plastic material products and do not degrade so quickly.
Once installed and buried, the fiberglass tank becomes completely inert. Its toughness is significantly higher and tightness remains full time. Fiberglass advantageously is different from all details of view. Based in Saskatoon, SK. Canada, PRE-CON takes great delight in making both wet and dried up cast industrial cement products. Quality assurance goes beyond the annual testing of concrete and the cases made that a producer is producing products to a specification.
Reliable treatment - variations in movement from guests, parties or vacation trips do not impact performance. Comparison based on the weight of the septic tank of 60 m3. 66 320 Kg for a concrete tank vs 2109 kg for a fiberglass fish tank. The bottom of the excavation to be level and free from rocks and lumps which may cause damage to the concrete container. A 4″ part of fine sand is preferred for the bottom of the excavation.

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